How can you embed sustainability into your organisation and make it part of your organisational culture? What are the key barriers to implement a sustainable strategy and how can you overcome them?

Engaging employees throughout the organisation is key to successfully embed sustainable change and to leverage innovation. 

In this workshop, Futureproofed helps to create a sense of urgency in the organisation to cope with emerging global challenges.  By comparing the current practices with the envisioned future for the organisation, key areas of change are identified and actions are defined to remove organisational, cultural and technical barriers. 


Outcomes of the workshop

  • Awareness and sense of urgency on key challenges for the company
  • Understanding of business opportunities related to sustainable change
  • Good understanding of the company’s sustainability strategy
  • Systemic perception of key obstacles
  • Action plan for desirable and feasible change
 Change management session with DuWoBo

Change management session with DuWoBo