Sustainable strategy workshop

Although many organizations already engage in various sustainability efforts, they often lack an overall vision linking sustainability with business success for the future. Futureproofed helps your organization to develop a sustainable strategy that can serve as an internal compass for your employees and an external statement of engagement towards your clients and other stakeholders. 

Sustainable business model workshop

The current business context is changing rapidly, confronting companies with disrupting challenges such as climate change, growing populations and resource depletion. Futureproofed helps your company to turn business challenges into real business opportunities through the development of new business models with clear financial, environmental and societal benefits.


Change management workshop

Engaging employees throughout the organization is key to successfully embed sustainable change and to leverage innovation. Futureproofed facilitates workshops to help you identify key barriers and to develop new processes to make sustainability part of the organizational strategy and culture.

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Sustainable innovation conference

Futureproofed organises single- or multi-day conferences to engage employees in an in-depth ideation process. Therefore we developed a framework to help organizations kick-start exploring and experimenting with new concepts for successful innovation. 


Sustainable product development

In order to be upfront in an ever changing market, organizations need to innovate for the future. Using our specific knowledge on the market context of sustainable developments, Futureproofed accompanies organizations to develop futureproofed products and services.