Using the results of your carbon footprint we will have mapped out and prioritised all your options for CO2 emission reductions, and outlined the measures you need to take to make them possible.

In addition, Futureproofed can develop a roadmap for reducing carbon emissions. This roadmap will provide a timeline that shows when each measure is best implemented. You will be able to use your roadmap as a tool to support strategic business choices.

After completing this phase we will have formulated a plan of action to reduce CO2 emissions in a profitable, efficient and desirable way, in order to futureproof your business.

 Bubble graph prioritizing actions

Bubble graph prioritizing actions


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Futureproofed not only supported us on technical issues concerning the Covenant of Mayors but also guided us in developing our action plan. Their climate-actions tool provided us with many different insights and allowed us to test and tweak the different measures of our action plan.
Futureproofed worked towards clear deadlines but was also flexible to shift when needed or to take a sprint if the project demanded it.
It was great to be able to call them anytime we faced difficult questions or decisions. Their advice and expert opinion was what we needed to successfully deliver such a complex SEAP.
— Kristof Van Gansen, projectleader Waasland Klimaatland