Flemish Brabant climate neutral in 2040

The Context
In the Belgian province Flemish-Brabant, 60 local communities already signed the Convenant Of Mayors, engaging to reduce reduce their CO2 emissions with 20% by 2020. Additionally, Flemish-Brabant wants to become climate neutral in the future, which means there is a balance between the emitted and absorbed greenhouse gases.

The Challenge
To become climate neutral, Flemish-Brabant asked Futureproofed to turn this goal into an action plan. Futureproofed collaborated with HIVA-KU Leuven for policy recommendations and with Point Consulting for the participation of stakeholders in their project 'Flemish-Brabant climate neutral’. Futureproofed calculated future scenarios, reduction measures (CO2 reduction and cost-benefit analysis) and coordinated the project.

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The Trajectory

  • Baseline: First, a reference measurement was conducted. This is the sum of all greenhouse gases emitted in Vlaams-Brabant, divided into several sectors.
  • Scenario analysis: Based on existing ambitions for Flanders, Belgium and Europe to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, vision scenarios were composed. These scenarios show where to focus in order to move towards climate neutrality. Knowing these focus points, Futureproofed explored a lot of different measures and selected the best measures for Flemish-Brabant to reach their goal of climate neutrality. This led to several future scenarios, for example a future scenario with energy savings and a future scenario with local sustainable energy production.

Results and Resolutions
Futureproofed developed a mix of measures for the different sectors that could make Flemish-Brabant climate neutral by 2040. This mix of measures resulted for almost every sector in financial benefits! By combining measures, analyses, participation of stakeholders and provincial services, Futureproofed also formulated policy recommendations supporting Flemish-Brabant’s mission for 2040. With this action plan, the province can turn its goal into reality!

Based on the results and many recommendations in this study, we have developed a climate plan. This plan has been based on participation of local communities, civil society, companies, schools and other partners. Our next step is to get funding for these climate actions, because we can only become carbon neutral if we all work together.
— Tie Roefs, Vice-governor for environment

Country: Belgium
Client: Province Flemish-Brabant
Sector: Public
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2015

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