Sustainability as an accelerator for OVAM's sales

The Context
The carpet industry, networked through Fedustria, the Belgian Federation for textile, wood and furniture, is considering transforming their value chain in order to have less environmental impact. They wanted to find out how their sustainability efforts could also offer a significant added value in their proposition to their retailers and consumers. How could it lead to a genuine longer-term (shared) value creation ?

The Challenge
How to see sustainability not as a restriction and added cost ? How to use sustainability as an accelerator for sales : how can it enforce the proposition with a significant added benefit for the carpet market ?

The Trajectory

  • Research. Futureproofed did qualitative and quantitative market research to uncover insights, to fine-tune and to select value propositions.

  • Recommendations. We gave marketing recommendations globally for carpet market development and the role of sustainability up to the sector organisation at an international level.

Results & Resolutions
Two large carpet companies followed through on the proposed concept, one with product and material innovation, the other with process and business model innovation.

And what have we learned for your benefit? How to develop innovative concepts in which sustainability offers a significant added value to the proposition. We also learned how to integrate distribution channels in the market research and how to make the proposition and recommendations very down-to-earth and immediately applicable.

Country: Belgium, UK, The Netherlands
Client: OVAM
Partner: Burat
Sector: Textile industry
Services: Sustainable business innovation