Ecocheques and sustainable purchase behaviour

The Context
Sodexo is a Service Solutions Provider focussing on the quality of daily life solutions. They create financial tools like Lunch Passes, meal vouchers and ecocheques. For the latter they wanted to understand in which way these ‘green vouchers’ could accelerate sustainable purchase behaviour.

The Challenge
What’s the potential of these green financial tools regarding sustainable consumption? How can they identify levers for success?

The Trajectory

  • Cheque. Thanks to the available market data, Futureproofed built up a sound rational facts based argumentation on the major questions. This in a very short period of time.

  • Double Cheque. Based on the yearly barometer results, we organised a workshop.

  • Triple Cheque. This resulted in a sound facts-based recommendation to support the eco-checques strategy.

Results and Resolutions
Based on available market data and in a very short timeframe, Futureproofed developed a clear fact-base to support Sodexo’s ecocheques strategy.

And what have we learned for your benefit? The operational implementation of the eco-checques absolutely needs improvements. Futureproofed supported however that a financial tool like ecocheques is a good way to increase more sustainable purchase behaviour.


Country: Belgium
Client: Sodexo- Ecocheques
Partner: Ecologic
Sector: FMGG
Services: Sustainable business innovation