Smappee's design sprint

The Context
Smappee turns houses into a smarter, more energy-efficient homes. This happens thanks to real-time energy readings (and costs), and the possibility to switch appliances on and off remotely. Since launching in 2013, Smappee has been successfully growing, with a vast number of users internationally, many awards, and great press coverage. But in 2015, Smappee's management was looking at the next stages of evolution and growth for the platform. 

The Challenge
Smappee wished to keep its community engaged and growing. Its challenge was therefore to continue to build the community and the company atop a solid foundation of true needs, well-defined solutions, and satisfied customers.

The Trajectory
Smappee has counted on Futureproofed’s experience to facilitate the ideation process through different brainstorm techniques (story boarding, quick U/I panel sketching, mind mapping, crazy eights). Using the design sprint methodology (a quick 5-day approach), Smappee has found new ways to improve its communication with its customers in an very engaging way. Futureproofed has produced story board prototypes and dummy U/X prototypes (within Keynote and Flinto). 

Smappee design sprint

Results and Resolutions
Futureproofed has efficiently helped Smappee to analyse its visual designs. Futureproofed proposed quick wins to keep the community engaged and growing and provided insights for the Smappee app.. Smappee will use these insights in the future when they redesign their app.

Consumers and SME’s can significantly reduce their energy bill. Energy savings will become more important to mitigate climate change. Smappee is an intuitive application which gives realtime energy consumption insights, even for individual appliances.
We are rapidly growing and recently added a new gas and water meter to our offering. Our community is really engaged and are true ambassadors for our Smappees. We asked Futureproofed to help us develop and prototype new ways of engaging our community.

Country: Belgium
Client: Smappee
Sector: Energy monitoring
Service: Sustainable business development
Year: 2016