New sustainable success stories for SMEs

The Context
REcentre is a knowledge and promotion centre propelling the development of sustainable design in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. They wanted to find out how they can help SMEs to develop new sustainable success stories and value propositions.

The Challenge
How to offer SMEs simple tools for sustainable business innovation? How to help SME’s develop bold sustainable products?

The Trajectory

  • Tools
    Futureproofed co-developed simplified tools for SME’s which can be applied immediately. The tools integrate sustainability fundamentally into the marketing approach.

  • Strategy
    We also helped with the proposition development and activation plans. Which key market insights to play on ? What concepts to use for storytelling and value proposition development ?

  • Guidance
    SME’s are personally accompanied over a period of 6 months, using the Insight – Proposition – Storytelling - Activation model and a fill-out Osterwalder business model canvas.

Results & Resolutions
We sharpened the insights, proposition, storytelling and activation plans for 4 different sustainable products…. Looking forward to a contact in the near future to understand effective impact on their sales.

And what have we learned for your benefit? How to integrate sustainability through the full value chain thus adding significant value to the proposition. We also learned how we can make business model innovation very practically applicable through simple models and tools.

Futureproofed really helped REcentre all along the line, defining the right questions and providing the methodology to get the right answers.
— Marc Van den Broeck, Entrepreneurship & Research Officer REcentre

Country: Benelux
Client: ReCentre, BMMa, Pauly Adrianne, Sarah Santin, Recorbedding
Partner: Studio Spark
Sector: Various
Services: Sustainable business innovation; Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2012