Strategy and management structure for CSR

The Context
ONDD is Belgium’s leading overseas export credit insurer. The company wanted an overarching Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to position themselves as a sustainable leading brand and take leadership and ownership of the subject at European level. A strategy that goes beyond mere compliance with legal obligations.

The Challenge
How can ONDD use CSR to create value and integrate it smoothly in its business strategy? How can they be sure the strategy will create value? How will they be able to prioritise in the many bottom-up generated CSR initiatives?

The Trajectory
Futureproofed created a strategy and management structure for CSR. Where could sustainability impact them materially and where could the client have a material impact on sustainability.

  • All aboard. Futureproofed defined table stakes for a coherent and authentic CSR strategy and identified the longer-term domains in which leadership is possible.
  • Steering steady. In this report we were careful not to overpromise so the client could steer a steady course forward while putting in place the necessary procedures.

Results and Resolutions
Thanks to the report, ONDD now has a structure for prioritising within the identified initiatives. They understand how sustainability should be fundamentally included into the basic risk assessment model and are using the opportunity to generate innovative business model ideas and forge new partnerships with their clients.

And what have we learned for your benefit? We managed to show how sustainability can have a business impact and we integrated it within the ONDD strategy rather than seeing it as an ethical side business for corporate reputation only. We learned how to make it support business objectives rather than go against them.

ONDD is a specialist through and through, and a point of reference in the sector, and we wanted to define a professional focus in our CSR policy. Futureproofed helped us to find this focus and to align our CSR policy with our traditional corporate goals. We have learned to see that CSR is not about following a long list of rules, but about a new way of looking at things, and to discover new opportunities.
— Nabil Jijakli, Secretary General ONDD

Country: Belgium
Client: ONDD
Partner: Comfi
Sector: Finance/Banking
Services: Sustainable business innovation
Year: 2013