Leuven climate neutral 2030

The Context
The Belgian city of Leuven, one of the first European university cities, wants to become climate neutral by 2030. After winning a tender and calculating the city’s carbon footprint, Futureproofed will now guide Leuven towards their goal: becoming an exemplary city.

The Trajectory

  • First things first. For starters, we mapped the scope 1 & 2 carbon footprint of Leuven. The scope 3 emissions were qualitatively assessed. In 2010 the average civilian in Leuven emitted 8,5 ton CO2-equivalent per year (CO2eq/year), as determined in scopes 1 & 2, using the Bilan Carbone method (based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol). Greater Leuven has a very specific profile: it is a knowledge economy with a clear role of trade and services and very little industry or agriculture. Together, buildings and transport represent 85% of all emissions in Leuven. These two sectors are thus earmarked as the two top priorities for the transition interventions.

  • That’s not all folks. The project team developed quantified measures and possible scenarios (combinations of measures) that will help Leuven to reach climate neutrality. For each proposed intervention, the net profit or cost per ton saved CO2eq and per year, the total CO2eq reduction and the attractiveness of the measure have been estimated.

  • And if you feel that isn’t enough. Great care was taken to initiate a participative process in which all stakeholders (city authorities, knowledge institutes, private companies, civil society and the cultural sector) form a true, multi‐actor partnership.

Results and Resolutions
Provided the full support of all key stakeholders in Leuven is obtained, it is believed that the city of Leuven could become one of the frontrunners in Europe, in line with great examples such as Freiburg, Copenhagen or Stockholm.

Country: Belgium
Client: City of Leuven
Partner: KULeuven
Sector: Public
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sparring, coaching
Year: 2014

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