Baseline emissions inventory (Kortrijk Xpo)

The Context
The Kortrijk Xpo has a major influence on the local and regional economy. The stakeholders of the XPo put the Flemish Competence Centre for Product Development and Industrial Design InShape in charge to develop innovative projects and to stimulate eco-design. Their goal: becoming the most sustainable fair in Belgium and reaching the international top 5!

The Challenge
How to reach this ambitious goal without losing sight of the stakeholders and through the creation of innovative ideas that are operational rather than conceptual?

The Trajectory

  • Mapping. Futureproofed started with an emissions inventory of the year 2008-2009.

  • Designing. After that, we drew up a roadmap for scopes 1, 2 & 3 as well as an extended scope. The map included the creation of new innovative ideas.

  • Creative. We organised a participative workshop with stakeholders like De Lijn, suppliers, the public authorities … The goal: imagining the fair in 10 years time. This resulted in operational rather than conceptual ideas.

Results and Resolutions
Every two years Flanders InShape will use the template and methodology we created for a new baseline emissions inventory. The stakeholders are now empowered to engage in all actions towards Xpo’s ultimate goal: becoming the number one sustainable fair.

And what have we learned for your benefit? We streamlined the process of gathering ideas from a broad spectrum of stakeholders and framing the relevant ones with due care.

Country: Belgium
Client: Flanders InShape (via Kortrijk Xpo)
Partner: Experientia, IT
Sector: Public, Private, Event, Congress, Fair
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sparring, coaching
Year: 2011