SMEs and sustainable value propositions

The Context
Fedustria, the Belgian Federation for textile, wood and furniture, set up the Suspro project to motivate companies to integrate sustainable processes and products and become cradle-to-cradle. Fedustria members wanted to understand how this can lead to new business and revenue opportunities.

The Challenge
SMEs are the motor of the Belgian economy. How to accompany 8 SMEs (Unilin, Beaulieu, Helioscreen, Balta, Bonar, Mintjens, Orotex, Associated Weavers) towards new sustainable value propositions?

The Trajectory

  • Mapping
    Futureproofed started with the identification of new market opportunities and insights generated by sustainability in the relevant markets.

  • Business model
    Next we provided tools so the SME’s could move from market insights to proposition to storytelling and activation. We designed the business models for the new propositions and then went on to some ‘business model bashing’ to see if they hold.

  • Workshops
    We organised Worldcafé worksessions to share expertise and crystallize the insights in sharp propositions and activation plans.
    Inspiring. The lessons learned were shared with the full Fedustria community.

Results & Resolutions
The SME’s now consider sustainability as a business innovation opportunity and integrate it fully in their market approach. Helioscreen repositioned its proposition in a context of energy management. Associated Weavers and other flooring providers developed a new product and business model. Bonar and Orotex sharpened their storytelling and activation plans.

And what have we learned for your benefit? We know better than ever that measuring the CO2 impact on a product lifecycle is a crucial step.

Country: Belgium
Client: Fedustria
Partner: StudioSpark
Sector: Textile, wood, furniture industry
Services: Sustainable business innovation; Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2012