Factor 10 Project

Okay. You’ve already got a fair deal of CEO’s who are eager to embrace sustainability and a profitable economy. But how do you shake off the Don Quixote image of those innovators? And even more important: how do you make them stronger in their strivings?

Bringing 30 innovative and like-minded CEO’s together, mapping out for them the latest updates on climate change and sustainable business and joining them at the hip in a new platform where they can establish common grounds and exchange experiences.

The Trajectory

  • The question raised. How do we stop running our planet like a business in liquidation, by reinventing capitalism so it leads to a restorative economy?

  • The path followed. David Allen’s horizons of focus: moving from high-level topics (50.000ft) down to specific business ideas and next actions (runway). Following a warm-up exercise, Steven Van Praet and Serge de Gheldere shared their insights on the latest developments in sustainable entrepreneurship. After a funny and enticing testimonial by host Peter Quaghebeur, then ceo of VMMa, our guest speaker John Thackara inspired the audience through a video presentation on system acupuncture, the dance of the big and small, and the restorative economy.

  • The Futureproofed edge. The participants had to come up with a shared value business model to meet real world needs in mobility, food, buildings and materials.

  • The bonus. Each team had to pitch their business model to John Thackara, who joined us through a multi-way videoconferencing with a 360° camera.

Results and Resolutions!
Resolutions: This small group of people is increasingly recognized as the sophisticated, proactive leaders that they are. Bringing society and business back together by creating economic value in a way that solves societal and environmental challenges. In the meantime several collaboration have come out of the Factor 10 project and we are gearing up for a next edition. Stay tuned.

And what have we learned for your benefit? An idea can be created out of nothing, and can reshape the way people’s view of the world their paradigms. All it takes is a click in the mind, a new of seeing. In a single individual it can happen in a milisecond. And once that happens, there’s no way going back, people start passing the ideas to others, changing their behavior and and executing on the crazy vision they have.

Country: Belgium
Client: Factor 10
Sector: Private
Services: Sustainability storytelling & awareness; Sparring, coaching
Year: 2011