Emission inventory of Antwerp

The Context
With the design of a climate plan, the city of Antwerp has developed a vision on climate change. The plan includes concrete policies and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A part of that plan is the CO2 emission inventory. Through this instrument the city can monitor what the results are of the efforts to reduce emissions

The Trajectory
The year 2005 was chosen as the baseline because of availability and accuracy of data. Since 2010, every two years, an emission inventory will be drawn up to monitor progress. Futureproofed has drafted the emission inventory of 2010 and will be responsible for the updates of 2012 and 2014.

Results and Resolutions
The total emissions of CO2 equivalents for the year 2010 amounts to 3188 tonnes. Compared to the baseline this means a decrease of 6.2%. That is not enough to achieve the objective of at least 20% reduction by 2020, for which the decrease should be 6.67%. But it does show that Antwerp is on the right track.

Within their own organization, the city wants to lead by example and emit 50% less CO2 by 2020. The buildings of the city of Antwerp group, public lighting and fleet of the port and the city all together emitted 104 kilotons of CO2 equivalent in 2010. Compared with the reduction target of 50% by 2020, a trend of 16.67% should be expected.
With a decrease of 17% compared to 2005 we can say that the city is well on course.

Country: Belgium
Client: City of Antwerp
Sector: Public
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2013

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