Visual Story for Ecover

The Context
Meet Ecover — "Feel good cleaning". For decades seen as one of the most sustainable companies in cleaning products. Ecover used to have a distinct green image until almost every company in consumer goods started their own ‘green products’ line.

The Challenge
Ecover wanted to reclaim its position as sustainable pioneer amidst the other companies. But how to inform the public about your genuine sustainable engagement … in a simple way, so everybody still can see the (green) light?

The Trajectory

  • Sorting it out. Futureproofed did a benchmarking from different consumer positions. In order to sort out the way consumers look at Ecover.
  • Greener than green. Ecover's commitment to more efficient and less environmentally impacting products is reflected throughout its entire life-cycle. Every step along the way, from sourcing, to producing, to the use of the detergents, to the biodegradation of the final products is designed with ecologic, economic and social aspects taken into account.
  • Spotless approach. This resulted in a storytelling approach using easy a visual story combined with hard data, speaking to customers' left and right brain.

Results and Resolutions
The informational design resulted in flyers used during professional and public fairs, promoting and explaining Ecover’s sustainable engagement.

And what have we learned for your benefit? We are pretty good at getting a ‘clean’ message across. Using the essentials and not polluting the communication with complexity.

Country: Belgium
Client: Ecover
Sector: Communication, Lifestyle, Cleaning Industry
Services: Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2008