Dashboards for Mechelen

The Context
The city of Mechelen signed the Convenant of Mayors in 2012 with the ambition to reduce its emissions (in reference to 2011) with 20% by 2020. The ultimate goal is to become a more sustainable “liveable’ city for families while at the same time creating a strong innovation pool for companies. Between 2011 en 2013 the city of Mechelen already achieved an emission reduction of 8% (see Carbon Footprint baseline Mechelen report). The city is clearly on its way to achieve its climate ambitions and becoming one of the most sustainable cities in Flanders. 

The Challenge
To make sure Mechelen stays on track to reduce its emissions, policy needs to be informed on a continuous and qualitative basis. Therefore, Mechelen asked Futureproofed to develop a monitoring tool that would allow them to visualise the emissions on their territory and the impact of the ongoing climate actions in real time. 

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Mechelen climate neutral klimaatneutraal CO2

The Trajectory 
Futureproofed designed a visual dashboard that would read, process and visualise scattered raw data on a realtime basis. All the relevant data can now be viewed, shared or made available to the public via one single source, the Futureproofed City Dashboard.

Results and Resolutions
This visual dashboard allows Mechelen to directly monitor CO2 emissions on the spot and manage climate actions accordingly. This was its next step on its way to a climate neutral city.

Arnout Ruelens Mechelen
Het dashboard Mechelen Klimaatneutraal maakt het mogelijk voor ons om het behalen van de beoogde emissiereductie continu te evalueren. We krijgen zicht op (het succes van) onze acties en volgen de implementatie van onze campagne continu op; samen met alle inwoners. Van zodra wij het weten, verschijnt de informatie immers automatisch op onze website. Zo maken we van Mechelen Klimaatneutraal een collectieve uitdaging voor alle Mechelse actoren. Het dashboard is eenvoudig te beheren en we kunnen zelf extra informatie toevoegen!
— Arnout Ruelens, Stad Mechelen

Country: Belgium
Client: City of Mechelen
Sector: Public
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2016