Coaching Vilvoorde to carbon neutrality

The Context
The city council of Vilvoorde signed the Covenant of Mayors agreement with the European commission in 2014 with the intention to reduce its CO2 emissions with 20% by 2020. In the long run, its goal is to become climate neutral. Therefore, Futureproofed had mapped its emissions and elaborated an action plan to reduce them, in a previous project.

The Challenge

To turn this action plan into reality, Vilvoorde asked Futureproofed to coach them on their way to carbon neutrality. Most of the time, the Covenant of Mayors is perceived as extra work on top of the existing goals. An external coach can help to debunk this misperception.

The Trajectory

Futureproofed has organised various coaching sessions with each alderman and department of the municipality. After a brief presentation of Vilvoorde’s CO2 emissions and the related action plan, a discussion was launched about the roadmap. This was done to make sure it was clearly understood and to design a shared story. Thereby, choices and interests of different departments were converted to common interests. This resulted in very interesting debates and emergence of new ideas.

Results and Resolutions
The previously developed action plan has been successfully translated into opportunities for each stakeholder (alderman, civil-servant, …). The success was dependent on translating the measures from the sustainable action plan into opportunities empowering existing policies and helping everyone involved reaching their own goals.

Pascale Fraipont Vilvoorde
We needed help to explain our city departments the opportunities of our SEAP roadmap. We asked Futureproofed to coach us translating the technical roadmap into tangible outcomes. Futureproofed helped us linking SEAP roadmap measures to the department goals and responsibilities. Maybe a detail, but Vilvoorde is the first city in the region ‘Vlaams-Brabant’ with an approved SEAP.
— Pascale Fraipont, head environmental department Vilvoorde

Country: Belgium
Client: City of Vilvoorde
Sector: Public
Services: Sparring, coaching
Year: 2015