Carbon footprint baseline Mechelen

The Context
The city council of Mechelen signed the Convenant of Mayors agreement with the European commission in april 2012 to reduce its CO2 emissions with 20% by 2020. The goal is to become climate neutral in the long run.

The Challenge

One year after the ratification, Mechelen had to file a Baseline Emissions Inventory (BEI) and a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) with the European Commission. Mechelen asked Futureproofed to calculate their emissions and to develop a plan with clear actions to lower their carbon footprint.

The Trajectory

  • Mapping
    Futureproofed did an extensive baseline study to know how much CO2 is produced in 2011. The average citizen of Mechelen emits approximately 7 to 8 tons of CO2 per year which is comparable to the flemish average. The study also shows that transport of people is responsible for 20% of the emissions and household heating for 15%. The last one can be reduced significantly by isolating your roof, according to Marina de Bie, local councillor for the environment.

  • Action plan
    Futureproofed developed a plan with possible actions which could reduce the total emissions with 32%. For households, the most cost effective measure would be to insulate their roof. Transport emissions can be reduced by expanding the public transportation network and by promoting bicycle use. Businesses can reduce their heating cost mostly by switching from air curtains to sliding doors while industrial enterprises can gain most out of heat recovery.

Results and Resolutions
It is clear that the road is still long and the solutions very diverse. The transformation only starts now and has to be supported by the government and all the citizens of Mechelen. Futureproofed kickstarted this change by mapping the baseline and developing a plan to reduce the carbon emissions.

With the Covenant of Mayors we’re taking up a binding engagement to do better than the provincial plan of Climate neutral organisation 2020.
We asked Futureproofed to help us map the carbon footprint of Mechelen, as well as to help us develop a reduction roadmap which will be used by the city council as a starting point to set up city-wide policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.
Futureproofed was very rigorous in mapping our carbon footprint but also provided concrete actions. It’s now up to us to realise our energy saving potential and pave the way for a zero carbon future.
— Marina De Bie, Deputy mayor, City of Mechelen inter alia for the environment, climate and energy

Country: Belgium
Client: City of Mechelen
Sector: Public
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2013

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