How might we define a design process that allows us to think about and refine the content and features of your product or service?

Futureproofed proposes to start not from the product (“A solution in search of a problem”), but from the jobs to be done for the customer: functional, emotional and social. Typically, investigating these aspects in a design process would require many months to work through a build-measure-learn cycle, waiting to launch a minimal viable product to understand if an idea is any good. But what if we could shortcut the usual cycle and compress months of time into one or two weeks?

The design sprint is a five-day” process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.  We guide this process and provide input and content related to research, insights, scenarios, ideas — working side by side with selected team members.

 Design sprint overview sketches

Design sprint overview sketches


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Triodos Bank is a globally recognised leader in impact investing and sustainable banking. We wanted to organise and structure our knowledge on sustainable buildings in order to simplify the credit assessments.

Futureproofed delivered the tool to help our credit assessors to do their job more efficiently. Now, our customers understand better what we define as a sustainable building.
— Koen Van Echelpoel, Go to Market manager at Triodos Bank