Steven Van Praet

Steven Van Praet


Steven Van Praet  is a sustainable design and commercial engineer who’s driven by the challenge to facilitate people becoming more aware of issues such as climate change. He joined Futureproofed as a partner in 2007 and clears the way to help the team’s work solution-focused. He is specialized in carbon footprints, business model generation and sustainable business innovation. At Futureproofed you will see him selling contracts, working on and presenting projects. 

Steven is also member of the board of Oya c.v.b.a. since 2006. Oya finances ecological and social meaningful projects in an economical realistic perspective.


Steven Van Praet is trained as an electro-mechanical engineer in Groep T Engineering School (Leuven) with a focus on materials technology and product design.
Steven then worked as a product designer for Courtoy, a tablet press manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. He was asked to move to sales which he did successfully at Courtoy and Createch Engineering (today called Intrion) for almost 14 years. He sold assembling and packaging machines and lines for companies such as Unilever, Philips, Procter&Gamble, GlaxoSmithkline, Kraft, ABB, Fuji,...
Steven was chairman of Natuurpunt Pajottenland from 2003 until 2007, a division of the biggest voluntary-based movement in Flanders, Natuurpunt, with 65.000 members trying to and succeeding in preserving, studying and enjoying nature.
Steven has two wonderful kids and loves to bike and walk in nature. He recently built a passive house, a so-called ‘zero energy house’.

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