Mieke Priem

Mieke Priem


Mieke Priem has over 15 years of experience as sustainability and environmantal consultant, both in Belgium and abroad. 

She is specialized in assessing the sustainable and environmental performance of organisations and advising them to find futureproof sustainable solutions . Her expertise includes sustainability assessments, environmental management systems, communication projects, policy studies and sustainable business models for organisations and their value chains. In particular, she is interested in setting up information platforms to communicate relevant environmental information to help companies, governments and consumers in making more sustainable choices.  She has a wide experience in project management, working with teams from different cultures and backgrounds. 

Mieke has an analytical mindset and likes to share new insights and ideas. Through her studies in environmental engineering and business management, she is able to frame environmental initiatives in the broader economic and social context of an organization. She believes that true value creation for companies will only occur if it also benefits society and the environment.


Mieke Priem is trained as a bio-engineer at the University of KULeuven with a specialisation in environmental management at the ENSAT in Toulouse. She also holds an additional MBA degree from Warwick University with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Since she started her carreer in 1997, Mieke has worked both in Belgium and abroad as a project manager for international environmental consultancy firms (ERM, Atkins, Haskoning, URS). During her carreer she performed various environmental and sustainability audits and impact assessments for corporate clients from various industry sectors (3M, Solvay, Dow, GE, Cargill, Umicore, Totalfina,…). She also conducted environmental and climate change policy studies for local and international institutions. Besides managing projects, she succesfully contributed to business development and sales, building strong relationships with clients, colleagues and partners. She worked for two years in the sustainability driven society of Denmark, where she assisted the European Environmental Agency (EEA) with setting up a pan-European air quality information platform. She also spent four years in India, where she worked as an independent consultant on environmental impact assessments of development projects and experienced how sustainability still represents a major challenge for developing countries. 

Mieke performed a final MBA study project with Vredeseilanden en Colruyt on Corporate-NGO partnerships in sustainable and inclusive supply chains. She is also member of the Fair Trade workgroup of her municipality.

Mieke is an avid traveller, art lover, nature enthusiast, racebiker and mom of four lovely kids.

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