Maarten Lenaerts


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With more than 7 years of experience, Maarten has become a versatile sales & consulting professional. He combines his strong communication skills and commercial approach with a relentless conviction of long-term vision. At Futureproofed, he focuses on spreading the word concerning the FutureproofedCities application for local governments. Understanding market dynamics and finding deals & partners to enhance energy transition and build awareness is his main occupation. 

Well-accustomed to work with all kinds of professionals (mayors & governors, C-level managers, legal, engineering, IT… you name it), he is able to adapt quickly and translate complex situations into hands-on solutions. He has always been socially committed in all kinds of associations and initiatives. 

Promoting ideas of sustainability is not the same as selling candy. Because Maarten highlights the importance of a good story, he built up extensive preceding experience before he would dare to challenge professionals and governments to improve their current working environment. 


Maarten has a rather commercial background, combining a master of business economics with a communication sciences major, both from Ghent University (B). He wrote two theses on sustainable strategy and the effects of government measures to trigger more socially responsible initiatives from corporations. Starting his career as internal project officer in financial services (at SocGen) and later as a consultant at EY, he gained organizational experiences and developed ‘big four’-worthy project management skills. During this period, he also certified in short-term executive certification programmes at Vlerick and Guberna (B). 

After 3 years of general consulting projects, Maarten felt ready for a change and transferred to the EY sustainability department. There he was engaged in international projects for a variety of sectors (including FMCG, construction, textiles, governments...). Among others, he has supported petrochemicals improving their emission monitoring systems and during more than six months he has contributed to a waste management strategy plan in the United Arab Emirates. He also has different voluntary experiences with NGOs in India, South-Africa and Brazil. 

Maarten has a broad and eclectic taste of music and he has a past as musician too. Next to cycling, he loves thrill-seeking sports such as scuba diving, skiing, mountaineering and sailing. He is an avid globetrotter with a preference for unexplored destinations, but enjoys cultural city life as well.

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