Laetitia Pirson

Laetitia Pirson


Futureproofed has welcomed Laetitia as a project engineer in February 2016. Being part of our team is her first professional challenge. She loves to spread the word about current environmental challenges and get people to become proactive. Working in a company like ours was for her a manner to go a step further in her involvement in environmental challenges and to “do her part”. 

Laetitia has already been busy assisting companies and cities to develop low carbon strategies.  She has calculated carbon footprints, led workshops, elaborated innovative and sustainable business solutions and helped organisations to communicate about their new projects.

Laetitia also organises various conferences as a member of the board of the bioengineers' alumni association. For example, she organised events about biomimicry, green chemistry, low tech, etc.


Laetitia is trained as a bioengineer in chemistry and bioindustries at the University of Louvain (Université catholique de Louvain - UCL).

In parallel to her university education, Laetitia has been proactive in a lot of projects and associations.  In particular, she has been actively involved in the “ecological transition committee” and the “sustainable development task force” of her university. She has also been an active councillor of the general assembly of UCL’s students. Besides, she has had the chance to organise leisure activities for disabled people together with able people within a “kot-à-projet” in Louvain-la-Neuve. Laetitia has also managed several youth groups on various occasions (girl guides, disabled and orphans). 

During her free time, Laetitia likes to spend time with her friends and her family. She loves Rock 'n' Roll dancing, climbing, skiing, trekking and cooking. She is also an avid traveller. 

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