Jan Aerts

Jan Aerts


Jan Aerts is a sustainable design engineer and managing partner at Futureproofed since 2007. He is specialized in analyzing the ecological pressure on companies, organizations and communities.
His main motivation at Futureproofed: “I am interested in nearly every solution that would make a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions possible in combination with a same or higher level of comfort and a lower total cost of ownership.
Jan is particularly managing projects with an interesting complexity of stakeholders, keeping an eye on project supervision, calculating all kinds of stuff and making links between different types of information (usually something with numbers in it) coming from different fields of expertise.
Perhaps it follows from his experience as an airline captain, but Jan often tends to slide back his chair and try to look at problems in a larger context. He likes more the pragmatic approach. That way, Jan within the team, anchors some of the more visionary ideas.


Jan Aerts is trained as environmental sciences engineer at Groep T Engineering School, Leuven. 
After this, he was trained as an airline pilot at the Belgian Aviation School in Scottsdale and Haren. He worked as an airline pilot for Sabena World Airlines from 1995 until 2001 and flew 2.700 hours as a co-pilot on Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 and 600 hours as a captain on Avro RJ 85/100.
Looking for a new challenge he started in 2002 as a project engineer for Enprotech in Rotselaar. There he was responsible for structural and mechanical engineering of industrial wastewater treatment plants. He developed anaerobic wastewater treatment with cogeneration and provided calculations and drawings for executing and commercial purposes. 
When Jan is not working he plays the guitar in a band called Momomatique, and he likes to play squash & tennis with friends or organize barbecues in his ecological garden.

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