Denise Jacobs


Denise started her career by joining our Futureproofed team in September 2016. By working here, she wants to contribute to the challenges our world is facing today. Facilitating fossil-free and sustainable solutions is for her a logical step towards a cleaner environment.

Denise has already experiences in LCA and did internships in two quite different companies to gain feeling about the business world. Within Futureproofed, her focus lays on carbon foot prints, LCA and the development of new reduction opportunities.


Denise is trained as a bioengineer at the University of KULeuven, specialised in Agriculture and Nature and Forest Management. After she graduated, she wanted to expand her knowledge and expertise by doing a second study in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with a focus on sustainability.  

Helping and motivating people is something she gets energy from. She has been active in her student association during her studies and recently she went volunteering in South-Africa. Denise is a nature lover and likes to travel. When not working, she likes to spend time with her friends and family, but also likes to be creative (dancing, drawing, painting…).

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