FutureproofedCities demo


Reach your city’s climate goals

Climate change has become part of our daily life and fingers often point to cities and municipalities to take their responsibility. Many of them have been working hard already on a climate plan to reach the intended CO2reduction.

Whether your city has a plan or not, FutureproofedCities gives you the opportunity to easily insert measures and climate actions into one online tool. Qualitative data shows the history of your city's emissions and predictsfuture emissions due to your measures and actions

Need some back-up?

View actions from similar cities or consult the 62 other cities in the community. After all, we're here to collaborate and help each other reach a better future, right?


What's next? 🤔

We'd like to give you a free demo of the tool so you can discover all functions yourself. Or, if we left you with some questions: sorry for that - we'd like to make it up to you by answering any question.