Alpro strategy workshop

Country: Europe
Client: Alpro
Sector: plant based food and drinks
  • The Context
    Alpro is a company with a vision; a vision of a world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants – planet friendly, sustainable and healthy. Their voyage of discovery started over 30 years ago with naturally nutritious soya, turning it into plant-based alternatives to milk,yogurt and cream, meat and margarine, so that anyone and everyone could enjoy delicious plant powered foods. Now almond and hazelnut drinks have just been added to their ever-growing list – they’re still exploring! Alpro is a successful growing company with turnover growth of +40% between 2009 and 2013.

    The Challenge
    Alpro has always been a frontrunner when it comes to sustainability. The products themselves are intrinsically more ecologically friendly compared to animal based foods. Nevertheless Alpro started a lot of projects to make their company and their products even more sustainable. Alpro fell victim of it’s own successes when it became harder and harder to manage all these separate projects. Therefore Alpro asked Futureproofed to help them map and structure all these efforts and focus them again in a Sustainable Development Strategy.

    The Trajectory

    • Mapping During an afternoon workshop, three key aspects were evaluated. First of all the Sustainability Development Strategy was validated. Then all projects were mapped on the Strategy Horizon Framework and lastly all participants listed their preferred focus points.
    • Resolving & Launching By analysing the results of these three aspects, Alpro’s goals were further explored and mapped on the value chain. Internal presentations used to align everybody around these clear objectives. A last sketching workshop integrated the Sustainability Development in the general development process to reach all financial and sustainability’s KPIs.

    Results and Resolutions
    This short although efficient workshop aligned all stakeholders in Alpro around a renewed Sustainability Development Strategy. The resulting Strategy Horizons Framework will be used to guide and focus future initiatives.

    Greet Vanderheyden, Sustainability manager Alpro

    Greet Vanderheyden“I believe Alpro is a frontrunner on sustainability. Nevertheless it is challenging to manage and focus all these great projects we are doing. We asked Futureproofed to help us with a framework for all these projects and integrate them in our strategy.
    I am very familiar with their hands-on methodology although when customized for Alpro in an efficient workshop, we were able to get the maximum out of all the stakeholders during that afternoon. I now feel the strategy is more clear than ever and everybody is aligned around this renewed strategy.”