Dashboards in Mechelen

Country: Belgium
Client: Mechelen
  • The Context
    The city of Mechelen has decided to take the lead and to set an ambitious climate policy on track. Its long-run goal is to use less raw materials and energy, produce its own local green electricity and become the first climate neutral city in Flanders. Since 2014, Mechelen is already on its way to reduce its emissions to acceptable levels thanks to a previous project with Futureproofed (see xxx).

    The Challenge
    To be able to reach the climate neutral goal, it is of utmost importance to be informed quickly, frequently and substantially over the evolution of CO2 emissions. Therefore, Mechelen asked Futureproofed to develop a tool that would allow them to visualise the emissions on their territory and the impact of undertaken climate actions in real time.

    The Trajectory

    • Mapping and launching thanks to a dashboard Using raw data that were filtered, verified and made actionable, Futureproofed designed a visual dashboard with automated emission inventory and automated climate action instrument for the city of Mechelen. This gave the city the opportunity to play ‘on the ball’ and where necessary to raise climate efforts.

    Results and Resolutions
    Such a visual dashboard allows Mechelen to directly analyse and manage CO2 emissions and the impact of climate actions in the territory. Thereby, the city goes go further on its way to climate neutrality.