Triodos Bank

Country: Belgium
Client: Triodos Bank
Sector: banking, finance
  • The Context
    Triodos Bank Belgium offers sustainable banking services including financing of sustainable building projects. Futureproofed has been asked to elaborate reference quality criteria for the assessment of the sustainable building part of the financing projects. The main purpose of this project was to help guide assessors in a pragmatic way.

    The Challenge
    Assessing a building's sustainability within a financing project requires a level of lateral thinking beyond mere technical qualities. Existing assessment methods are extensive, time consuming and costly. In the case of the Flemish method - Vlaamse Maatstaf Duurzaam Bouwen - there are 700 checks which have to be documented! This is not workable for credit assessors.

    The Trajectory
    • Resolving Starting from the existing Triodos Bank frameworks, Breeam assessment methods and Vlaamse Maatstaf Duurzaam Bouwen we created a simplified and manageable outline which combines quality criteria with the project context. This reduced the complexity from 700 checks to 28 documented questions.

    • Launching. We delivered a comprehensive report supported by clarifying visuals and examples. The report was launched and used both internally and externally. It was put into practice with a presentation prepared by Futureproofed.

    Results and Resolutions
    Triodos Bank now has a new method that supports efficient assessments of a building project's sustainability. By prioritising the 28 questions into 9 categories, this new method has greatly simplified and structured the process the credit assessors previously needed to go through.

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